Four Reasons Why Club Chess Sets Are Right For Your School

Plastic chess sets make an entrance in many schools and clubs throughout the world for good reason. You can often walk the halls of a chess club and hear the clinkling of plastic on plastic as pieces are swapped (or dropped). It's no surprise that plastic chess sets have made inroads into the chess playing community for years and continue to do so. 

If you are a school looking to get a chess club together for the beginning of this academic year, then steer yourselves away from wooden sets and consider Cool Chess Canada's Club Chess Sets. Here's why.

The Club Chess Sets are low cost

It doesn’t matter if you have a club that is made up of adults, kids or both, chess pieces take quite a beating. They get mixed up with other sets, pieces jump off tables, fall into pockets and generally have a very hard life. In the past we have carried some quite expensive premium plastic chess sets and those have been purchased for clubs. Apart from not being the standard pattern, these sets haven’t quite stood the test of time.

Plastic doesn’t automatically qualify a chess set for the rigours of school. However, the Club Chess Set has stood the test of time with it’s cost effective design, and is by far the most popular set that we carry for schools and clubs. It’s affordable and gives you an extra bang for your buck. You’ll be able to buy more chess sets for your dollar.

The chess pieces don't break easily

It’s a great idea to have our heavy weight Tournament Chess Sets for your school chess club, but they can come at a cost. The pieces hold a steel weight that anchors them to the board and helps protect against being knocked over quite as easily.

This is great if there are a lot of kids milling around or you’re playing a quick paced blitz. However, the extra weight means more force when dropped on a hard surface and it is possible that the plastic can crack or break.

Our lighter Club Chess Sets have less of a problem in this regard. They are the same piece as the weighted sets but don’t carry the steel weight and therefore tend to bounce rather than smash.

The chess pieces don’t bend

This sounds odd! 

Our silicone chess sets are a godsend for many clubs. These wonderful pieces are almost unbreakable (you could pull them apart if you tried really hard) and bounce nicely when dropped. They are the same specification as the club and weighted tournaments sets, albeit with a slightly smaller King, and they are very popular. They are our most expensive set for a reason. Costly food grade silicone produces a wonderful chess set.

But if you have a club with kids watch out! These pieces bend nicely and bounce far distances when thrown! We’ve heard many stories of poor chess teachers being subject to the non-chess fun that the silicone pieces can bring.

Club Chess Sets come with great chess boards

Our Club Chess Sets come with tough vinyl chess boards in a range of colours that might match your school colours. The boards are bright and add fun to the game, although for serious games lasting many hours you’ll want to stick with the best colour to protect against eye strain, green.

The vinyl chess boards are very tough and designed to withstand many years of use. They are screen printed under heat and the colours are sure to last.

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