New Economy Chess Sets

Occasionally we throw caution to the wind and create some new and exciting products using different combinations of chess sets and chess boards. The Fall season is almost on us, and one of the most popular products in our catalogue is the Economy Chess Set Collection.

There are a few good reasons why these products are so popular. Parents buying a first chess set for their kids often want a better quality set than you can get at a big-box store. The economy chess sets give parents exactly this without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a 'fancy' chess set that may not get any use.

The economy chess sets are very rugged and meant to be played with. Chess is a lovely slow game, but any chess-addicted player will play game after game.

The economy chess sets provide a wooden chess experience where the board and pieces are made to be used. No worries about ears or noses falling off here. Pound away at your chess set and don't feel bad at knocking the pieces over in frustration.

One of our recent additions is a bit of a twist on our successful and popular mahogany and sycamore chess board. This is a very popular European made board that is great for beginners and experts alike. The classic orange coloured wood has been flipped around and for these new products, sycamore is the dominant wood.

The chess sets are a joy to own have great contrasting colours on both a light and dark tabletop. If you're not keen on the orange of mahogany, why not turn things on their head and try a sycamore and mahogany chess board. The boards are as hardy as ever and super fun to play chess on.

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