The Lincoln, An Antiqued Luxury Chess Set

Do you have a love for luxury chess sets? We do! Exotic woods such as ebony and padauk are coupled with high grade boxwood to give you a stunning and unique chess playing experience. This year we have had quite a hankering for antiqued boxwood! One of the wonderful qualities of wood is that it can be stained to give a different look and the process of ageing wood by staining works well, particularly with light coloured woods such as boxwood (the white pieces).

Older chess sets circa 1900 are naturally aged through exposure to sunlight, air, and greasy fingers. But the cost of a genuine antique chess set can be extremely high. Consider investing in an antiqued chess set to get the look without the price. A chess set that looks aged will display great on a table top and last for years.

The Lincoln is a great introduction to luxury chess sets of the antiqued variety. The King height is 3.5" and the other chess men are correspondingly smaller than a standard 3.75" chess set. Where the height of the chess set lacks, the base of the pieces make up. With a King base of 1.77" the set fits nicely on a larger chess board (in this case a chess board with a 2.16" square).

Often you'll find similar dimensions on an antiqued chess set following the Staunton pattern as chess makers try to reproduce turn of the century sets. The Lincoln fits extremely well on our Santos Palisander chess board from Rechapados Ferrer of Spain.

If you're in the market for a luxury chess set then why not try something a little different? Beautiful wood turning and finishing as well as the gnarly teeth bared by the angry Knight make the Lincoln a lovely chess set to own. Every time I touch the pieces I feel like I'm stepping back in time. The set always turns the eye of visitors and its unique qualities make me want to play chess more than ever. You can find the Lincoln at Cool Chess Canada in the luxury chess set section. Now, if only I could find my top hat and tails!

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